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Educational Breakout Room Featured Speaker

Jessica Scanlon

Jessica is recognized as a creative muse for growing businesses and an online marketing maven. As the founder of Hot Dog Marketing, Jessica has helped hundreds of businesses develop their brands and establish a reputation online.

In 2008, Jessica started helping small business owners with their marketing projects as a hobby. It wasn’t long before she realized that helping small business owners with her unique set of skills and experience was much more fulfilling than what her corporate life could offer. She left her corporate marketing job in 2012 to start Hot Dog Marketing.

Hot Dog Marketing now serves hundreds of growing businesses a year, and the company continues to grow because of our loyal customers and great referrals. Hot Dog Marketing has been named a top-rated agency on several lists including The Austin Business Journal.

Jessica is passionate about community service, marketing and connecting with other business owners. She regularly writes and contributes articles to business publications. She is a business book junkie and has a deep love of learning about business.

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