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Fearless Leaders Business Coach

Tona Restine

A natural-born cheerleader and champion of others, Tona Restine brings unparalleled passion and innate empathy, sprinkled with humor into each and every coaching session and inspirational speaking engagement.  Her direct approach and warm demeanor endear her to clients for a lifetime.  As a fellow business owner; Tona “gets it” … she knows first-hand of both the privilege and the labor that come from having chosen the proverbial “Road Less Traveled” and loves nothing more than equipping and encouraging her clients along their journey!

Tona Restine’s professional career spans more than two decades and has encompassed a full spectrum of duties; from  sales, recruitment, management, training, and coaching of real estate agents; to brokerage ownership.  In more recent years, (while continuing her business coaching under the umbrella of Ninja Coaching), Tona formed her own company, Life Imagined, Inc... designed with thoughtful intention to serve those who require someone confidential, and wholly neutral to hold space for them.  Tona operates as a barometer and calm voice of reason to help her clients with problem solving and next-step navigation while providing high-level accountability to goals, ideals and mindset management.

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